Back-to-school Pics


Every year, my sons and I go to the local breakfast place on the first day of school.
Every year, I photograph the two of them. Sometimes it’s serious, more often it’s silly.
Every year, it’s our tradition.

Here was our photo this year:


By all means, everything about this photo is wrong. I was running late for school. The boys were nipping at each other all through the meal. We didn’t even go to breakfast on their actual first day of school because they wanted to do it earlier. And the only way I could get them to let me photograph them was to tell them they didn’t have to smile, that they could be as moody and sullen as they wanted to be for the photo. They liked that idea.

Look at them.
They’re moody.
They’re sullen.
Taking pictures for their mom is clearly not their bag.
I had to take what I could get.

And that’s our life together.
Because this IS them.
I have to take what I can get.
Time, affection, you name it-
I have to accept those gifts
As they come,
When they come.

There is so much that is crazy and messy and frustrating and infuriating
And beautiful
About my boys, about family, about life.

This year’s photo might be my very favorite.


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