100 Day Project

“How come you haven’t been writing?”

I get this question from friends and acquaintances more often than I care to count. And I feel guilty that I don’t have a good answer for them.

I love to write. I just…haven’t been. Is it that I’m busy? That I’ve had a challenging year? That maybe my heart’s not in it?

Certainly, I still think as a writer. Many times a day, I will turn a phrase over in my hand, working it, polishing it, but not really putting it anywhere others might see. I just tuck words back into my thoughts and move on to the next thing.

Until a dear friend nudged me to do the 100-day project. 100 days, 100 products of creativity. It’s alternately exciting and terrifying. But here’s what I’m hoping for:
-I’ll figure out a way beyond my writer’s block.
-I can live by what I teach my students: practice self-forgiveness. You don’t have to love everything you write.
-Who knows? I might also write some pretty good stuff.

You are welcome to join me on my journey. I might stick with personal narrative. Or dabble in some poetry. Maybe I’ll soapbox about teaching and learning. If I walk on the wild side, you might even see me take a stab at fiction. Which scares the PANTS off me.


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