Old Dog, New Trick

Ever hear of a reverso poem?
Neither had I.

Never, that is, until one of my students sent me one she wrote. Then I thought, “Now THAT’s something I have to try.”

So, the two of us had a nice lunch together today and spoke of all things, both poetry and otherwise, and she taught me how to create a reverso poem. I took a stab at it.

Here’s what you do. Read my poem (out loud, pretty please!) from top to bottom. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Snow days
I can’t get enough
Snuggles on the couch
With the cold world outside
Cozy and warm
Yet I long to feel
Sun on skin
Sand between toes
My body needs
Summer days

NOW…read line by line, but from the bottom UP. (“Summer days/my body needs…”)

Cool, eh? Hopefully your mind was as blown as mine was by the approach. Hopefully you’re forgiving the rough-around-the-edges nature of my poem. Hopefully you’re thinking you want to give it a try. Hopefully you’ll share your wonderful, messy creation with me, just as I have with you.


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