A Matter of Resolve

Each year, I watch the latest round of New Year resolutions, affirmations, oaths, and promises. I’ve not been one big on making resolutions, as it’s a never-ending process for me.

One particular line of posts, however, caught my eye. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, people pick a word and commit to that word in the year to come. Now that’s an idea I could get behind.

Problem is, what word to choose? I’ve racked my brain for the last two weeks trying to determine what idea captures how I’d like to see myself evolve and grow. I’ve tried on lots of words, yet come up short.

Until I heard Neil deGrasse Tyson on his StarTalk podcast. The subject of superheroes came up:

“My favorite comment about Superman? He actually has no costume. There’s nothing covering his face when he’s Superman…his costume is his glasses and suit…he is himself as he is the superhero.”

“He is himself as he is the superhero.”


Superman is most powerful when he is most himself.

And so are we.

And so am I.

This year shall be one of power.

Some superpowers I already own. Others, I must develop:

Power to exercise compassion with my students.
Power to finally do that pull-up.
Power to stand true to my ideals.
Power to let myself listen even when speaking is easier.
Power to bring out the best in others.
Power to resist the chocolate in the cupboard.
Power to put more kindness into the world than I remove.
Power to see the beauty in others.
Power to see the beauty in myself.

And you? What are your super powers? What makes you strongest as yourself?

Recognize them.
Name them.
Share them.


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One Response to “A Matter of Resolve”

  1. Deborah Levin Says:

    Like your scribes!

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