A Month of Reflection: Day 5 – Know

Elul blog list

Interesting that today’s theme is “Know.” 

Today my family and I took a trip to the Art Institute for the Magritte exhibit. What fascinated me about Magritte’s art was the way in which he tirelessly worked to take everything we know and turn it upside down. Words are arbitrary. It’s all abstract. “This is not a pipe,” and so forth. 

I found myself torn. On one hand, I marveled at the philosophical dissonance Magritte creates; the feeling of discomfort that comes when I’m asked to challenge my own way of thinking stirs up my excitement and curiosity. On the other, I found myself searching for truth within myself. What are the things that I know from deep in my bones, that no amount of surreal art or self-doubt could make me unlearn?

So here it is…my list of Some Things I Know (That Rene Magritte Can’t Mess With):

I know that there is always merit in looking at the sky.

I know I can seek comfort in the company of dogs.

I know that having children means that my heart will forever live outside of my body.

I know that I can never have too many wise women in my life.

I know that the law of currency of favors doesn’t require that I pay people back for their kindnesses, but pay them forward.

I know that people are infinite sources of love and strength.

Elul is that time of the year to reflect and prepare ourselves mentally for the High Holidays approaching. Each day of Elul, I’ll reflect on a theme and invite you to come along on that journey. Feel free to comment with your reflections on the theme, post your own blog or Facebook thoughts, or just quietly give yourself a bit of spiritual space.


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