A Month of Reflection: Day 4 – Accept

Elul is that time of the year to reflect and prepare ourselves mentally for the High Holidays approaching. Each day of Elul, I’ll reflect on a theme and invite yoElul blog listu to come along on that journey. Feel free to comment with your reflections on the theme, post your own blog or Facebook thoughts, or just quietly give yourself a bit of spiritual space.

Oh. Accept. It’s YOU.

You’re the one who’s whispering behind all my imperfections and mistakes, aren’t you? You’re the one who crowds for space in my mirror. You’re the one who taps my shoulder when my children display the sides of themselves that frustrate, sadden or anger me.

Really. Why must you be so pushy?

It’s much easier to poke around at the poor body image I’ve carted around ever since I can remember. It’s easier to be angry with myself for saying the wrong thing, for doing the wrong thing – it’s like the comfort you get from worrying a sore tooth with your tongue. Sure, it’s painful, but there’s something oddly comforting about going over that hurt, about memorizing each groove and crack.

Why do you have to mess that up, acceptance?


Ok, ok. I know what you’re going to say already, so I’ll say it myself.

Acceptance comes from creating that space within, from listening to that still, small voice. Not shunning my negative thoughts; they are a part of me too. Recognizing that I am the product of my journey, both the joys and the sorrows. And understanding that I can be a blessing and a light to those around me.

And once I find you within myself, acceptance, I suppose you’ll want me to view others through the same lens as well – with love, with tenderness, with compassion. ‘Cause that’s how you roll, right?

I got it.


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One Response to “A Month of Reflection: Day 4 – Accept”

  1. Sue Black Says:

    Accept the good stuff – because you deserve it.
    Accept the compliments – because they are true.
    Accept the joy – because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
    Accept the sun on your face and the wind that blows your hair and the rain that refreshes and the waves that constantly lick the shore and the songs of the birds and the bark of the dog – let them bring you to a place of quiet and peace.
    Simply accept.

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