‘Tis the Season

This weekend, Thing 1 and I made two big batches of cookies – snickerdoodles and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies (OK, so I left out the pumpkin, but the cookies were surprisingly tasty). Most of them went towards a charity bake sale at school, and the others went to the kids’ Sunday school teachers this morning. As we were walking in, I thought to myself that I should have brought in more cookies: for the school administrator and office staff. For the crossing guard who braves the cold every week. For the custodial staff who really keep the place running. For the police officer who directs traffic on Tuesdays. For the clergy.

And then I thought, holy cow. I have a lot of people to bake cookies for:

-My neighbors, who make where we live a real, true NEIGHBORHOOD
-Our family doctors and dentists, who keep us healthy (yes, I do see the irony in sending them cookies, but c’mon – everybody loves cookies).
-The storytelling friends I have, who offer support, friendship, and the occasional kick in the pants to get creative.
-My kids’ school teachers.
-The art teacher. The music teacher. The computer lab specialist. The PE teacher (again, dripping with irony. I get it). The office staff. The amazing custodial staff. The before / after care staff.
-The kids’ instrumental music teachers (who, after listening to beginning players play with the patience they do, can skip the cookies and go for the rum balls).
-My colleagues: the neighbors who check on me in my hobbit-hole. The office staff. The custodial staff. (see a pattern here?)
-My students, who work so hard every day and make it worth getting out of bed each morning.
-The coaches who work with the kids in swimming and hockey.
-The team parents, who are so great to get along with and feel like extended family.
-My local friends and family, who could always benefit from a spare rum ball.
-My not-so-local friends and family, who continually offer kind words and a chuckle right when I’m needing them.

and and and and.

I’m realizing that’s a lot of cookies. Even if I were conservative and went 6 cookies a pop, that’s still more dozens of cookies than I care to count. I’m realizing that I’d be up a lot of nights with a lot of cookie dough and rum balls. I’m not so sure that I will make it. Even though the rum ball thing is tempting.

So, it will just have to suffice that I’ll bake what I can, and do what’s in my power to make sure all of you in my life know how grateful I am to have you, in whatever role or purpose you serve.

Thank you for supporting me.
Thank you for grounding me.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you for keeping me healthy: physically, spiritually, emotionally.
Thank you for helping my children see their talents and strengths.
Thank you for asking me how I’m feeling and meaning it.
Thank you for giving my kids rides when I can’t clone myself.
Thank you for making the places I have to be, places I want to be.
Thank you for the unique gifts you bring, to me and to the world.


One Response to “‘Tis the Season”

  1. Sue Black Says:

    Now go to bed!

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