Coming Home

Today has been a surprisingly productive day.

I have NO papers in my “work to grade” pile.
I was an even better teacher than I expected to be, for the Monday after Thanksgiving.
I cleared my inbox from over 1,000 to 7. Yeah. S-e-v-e-n.
I caught up on my favorite mindless TV show.
I finished a book I was reading.

One would think I’d let myself go to bed satisfied.

That was until I started reading back over my blog entries. And you know what? I’m actually pretty proud of some of my writing. And you know what else? I’m scratching my head as to why I’m not doing it more.

I know I’ve blogged before about why baking is an easy creative outlet for myself. Still, I’d have to think that writing is a touch healthier, perhaps. So here goes. It’s time for me to dust off my keyboard and get back in there. Stay tuned.

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