The Birds (if not the Bees)

Thing 1: So wouldn’t that be weird if you cracked an egg and a chick came out? I bet that’s happened to someone before.

Me: I’m not really sure if it has. People who live where we do get eggs that don’t really have a chance of having chicks. And people who are farmers, I’m guessing, can feel the difference between a regular egg and one that’s got a full-grown chick inside.

Thing 2: How come there aren’t any chicks in the eggs we get?

Me (shifting in my seat): Well, because hens make eggs all the time. It’s just what their bodies do. But in order for there to be a chick, there has to be a rooster.

Thing 2: Oh, because the rooster comes and sprinkles fertilizer on the eggs.

Thing 1 (rolling his eyes): The rooster doesn’t SPRINKLE fertilizer on the eggs, he…

Me: Go to your room.

Thing 1 (in righteous indignation): What did I do!?!?

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