It’s 9:20 pm. Thing 2 and I are snuggled down in his bed. I like bedtime. Sometimes we talk about little stuff, like the favorite things we ate at dinnertime. Sometimes we pretend we’re going fishing underneath the blankets.

Sometimes big questions come up from little talks.

Thing 2: Where do babies come from?

Me: From a mom and a dad.

Thing 2: Well how do they get there?

Me: Well, there’s a boy part and a girl part.

Thing 2: What parts?

Me: Well…(oh, #$**! He’s eight! How much do I need to share!?)…the boy part is a sperm and the girl part is called an egg.

Thing 2: So I got born when you laid an egg?

Me: No. Remember when I talked about you growing in my uterus? That’s how I had you.

Thing 2: So how did the parts come together?

Me: <<giggle>>

Thing 2: Is it disgusting?

Me: Yeah.

Thing 2: OK.

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