On being “Whole”

So I’m up on Facebook this morning (yes, I should have been getting my kids ready for Sunday School. Don’t tell!) when I see the post from a friend of mine:

Attempt 2 at posting this status. . . .for my Facebook friends. I’m having a conversation with a friend right now. Do you think that another person can be your missing piece and make you whole or do you have to be whole before you can have the relationship?

Hmm. Here’s my take.

Wholeness, much like happiness, is a construct. We can spend our lives in search of one or the other, without realizing that it’s always been ours to recognize and accept.

But here’s the rub. We’re human. We get crabby. We get petty. It’s hard to remember that “wholeness” and “happiness” stuff. I know for me it is.

We are all amazing creatures, and we are all whole, powerful beings. Who we are is good enough. Within each of us lies unfathomable power and strength.

As for another person completing us? Is it possible to make something whole, more whole? I could get all mathematical on everybody and point out that even though there’s the idea of “infinity,” we can still add to it and make it more than what it is. We can multiply it. Add one. Compare one infinity to another. No matter how vast and unending one is, it is still possible to allow it to grow.

So, too, with wholeness and happiness.

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