I’m No Sarah Palin, but I Get By

That’s it. I throw in the towel. Go ahead and brand me. Label me. I deserve it.

I’m a hockey mom.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve been trying to ignore the warning signs, but I just can’t overlook the mounting evidence:

-The random jersey deposit checks, roster labels, forms and score sheets scattered throughout my house

-The wallpaper on my phone and my computer showcasing my children hugging the Stanley Cup

-The hockey goal horn app on my iPhone

-The trunk of my car, which always seems to be holding somebody’s hockey equipment

-The “Bluehawks” fleece crumpled up on the top shelf of my closet

-Blisters on my hands from scrimmaging on the driveway

-The hockey puck-shaped dents in the side of my car from errant slapshots

-The Youtube favorites list, which includes the Blackhawks Goal Song and the Blackhawks theme song (more than one version)

-The three hockey jerseys crumpled up on the floor of my car

-The case of Gatorade by the back door

-The perpetual dismantled state of my living room due to shinny hockey tournaments

-A piano that uses hockey pucks for balance (rather than casters)


Prosecution Exhibit B


Face it, I’m a goner. You betcha!


3 Responses to “I’m No Sarah Palin, but I Get By”

  1. bruce bondy Says:

    I didn’t know this about you. Definitely a hockey mom. Thankfully, you can’t see Russia from your house.

  2. Yvonne Healy Says:

    …while you are a Babe, you’re certainly no pig. (You had me at hockey horn app.) Miss you. Looking forward to seeing you soon, soon.

  3. Former Winger Says:

    Congrats! At least you didn’t mention the funky hockey bag smell…

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