On Friendship

I’ve long been trying to blog about friendships. More specifically, the ones that are dying away. The ones where my friends stop talking to me, where I feel continually like the ball is in my court. When I’m the only one who suggests getting together. When things are easy and friendly when we see each other, but I’m the only one making the calls. Many of you know exactly how that is.

And how do we rationalize that? How do we make ourselves okay with that, attributing the cause to something other than ourselves? Because isn’t that the first place we often look? It’s maddening, really.

What do to? Ask the person and wind up looking desperate, (worse) needy, or (even worse) paranoid and weird? Or just take the lumps and get on with it?

I found a great blog entry on the same subject written by Renée Schuls-Jacobson, a fellow teacher. She writes of her experiences in a much more articulate way. Check it out!

And you? What are your experiences with friendships that fizzle away?

One Response to “On Friendship”

  1. Yvonne Healy Says:

    I think some friendships are like ice on Lake Superior in April. One morning, so solidly there you can imaagine walking all the way to Canada. By afternoon, the wind changes, the ice goes out and all you see is flowing, moving water. “Ah. the season changed.” The next morning a surprise. The ice is back looking solid as ever, staying all day but gone when the moon rises. It comes and goes several times. And one day, you realize it’s been a whole week. Now you know the season changed … sometime last week, or a few days ago, or maybe just this morning. And the water waves up and up upon the shore. Until eventually the ice comes in again for a while.

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