Of To-Do Lists

This weekend, I will have a full forty-eight hours to myself.

A whole weekend.

The boys are going up to Sheboygan for a hockey tournament and some bonding time. Do I feel badly that I’m missing some good hockey? Maybe a little.

Do I feel badly that my husband is with the kids by himself for this time? I plead the fifth.

Forty-eight hours! To myself!

At first, I feel the pull: forty-eight hours of unscheduled, uncommitted TIME. Time to do whatever I want.

What do I want? I start to think.

Ideas pop up in my head, typing themselves on the crisp blank sheet of the weekend to come:

  1. Get my nails done
  2. Watch some movies
  3. Go out to lunch
  4. Read some books
  5. Catch up on professional work
  6. Clean the house without distractions
  7. Go running
  8. Buy some clothes
  9. Buy some shoes
  10. Bake some cookies
  11. Go grocery shopping
  12. Get a haircut
  13. Walk the dogs
  14. Sleep
  15. Take a bath (or at least shower, for heaven’s sake)
  16. See some friends

Oh. Maybe this is a titch more than the time will allow. I guess I tend to do that. I always have such high hopes for what I can accomplish and then somehow it doesn’t all happen that way.

What do you think, people? Vote for your favorites and maybe they’ll make it onto my A-list for the weekend.

As for me, I’m off to bed. Right after I:

  1. Pack lunches
  2. Fold the laundry from the dryer
  3. Find Sam’s birth certificate
  4. Clean the kitchen
  5. Brush my teeth
  6. Start a new load of colds
  7. Walk the dogs
  8. Type my sub plans

Oh boy. Ever the optimist, I am…


2 Responses to “Of To-Do Lists”

  1. Stephen Hollen Says:

    How about a howdy instead of a footprint? Don’t want to track mud into your blog.

    Glad to see you blogging again!

  2. Sue Says:

    Casting my vote for the “It’s All About Me! Weekend”:
    Get my nails done — Sure, why not.
    Watch some movies — Lots of movies, staying up until 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning.
    Go out to lunch — Of course, both days, alone or with a friend.
    Read some books — Only the fun ones.
    Catch up on professional work — Sorry. NO
    Clean the house without distractions — Not even sorry. NO
    Go running — Only if you want to ’cause it makes you feel good. Not if you feel like you have to ’cause your thighs are rubbing together and your pants won’t button anymore.
    Buy some clothes — Only if they are for you and you alone and fun and not for work. No sneaking in socks for the boys and t-shirts for the hubby.
    Buy some shoes — Cool shoes, for you shoes.
    Bake some cookies — Only if you plan to eat them: first as dough, then warm with milk, later microwaved, and feel no guilt about saving none.
    Go grocery shopping — Absolutely not.
    Get a haircut — Maybe.
    Walk the dogs — Gotta, right?
    Sleep — In the middle of the bed. In the middle of the day.
    Take a bath (or at least shower, for heaven’s sake) — Not required. Consider going for a record here, if that will amuse you. And of course if you get the haircut they will wash your hair and if you do the nails they will wash your hands — so, covered I’m thinking.
    See some friends — Only if you want to.

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