Status Symbol, Part 2: What’s Really Important on Facebook

I tried, people, I tried.

I really did want to believe that I could just whip up a poem consisting of my status updates. I really did think that all I had to do was go back and list my facebook updates and it would work out really cool. That there would be a true measure of artistry. From out of the ordinary, extraordinary.

From out of the ordinary, I got ordinary.

What I did get was quite a lesson in statistics. I found that for the most part, my facebook status updates centered around the following:

my own procrastination

beautiful things i’m grateful for

dumb stuff my kids did

complaints about living in chicago

reflections on what i’m doing at that very moment

And here’s what I noticed, from the way people respond. For the most part, beauty and gratitude just don’t do it for you people. I count my blessings, detail the joys in my life, and get a virtual “meh.” But potty talk from the kids? Admissions of what they’re really doing to earn me a mother of the year award? Stuff like:  “Did Ben REALLY put Sam’s dollar where the sun doesn’t shine? REALLY!? I’m going to wash my hands now.” Now THAT gets the comments.

But by far, I find the greatest reaction to food. The “poo” cake Ben made for Sam’s birthday? What a hit! 16 comments! The apple cake and challah for the new year? 16 more.

Oh, I’m onto you, people.


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One Response to “Status Symbol, Part 2: What’s Really Important on Facebook”

  1. Liz Manaster Says:

    I love it! Only read Snow Fort so far, but I loved “Enter reality” Isn’t that how life goes – our perfect visions somehow morph into the truth of our lives – which is all good!

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