Suggestion box

Suggestion Box A couple of months ago, a little book caught my attention from the bargain section at Borders. I figured for four bucks, it was worth a shot. Here’s the deal: the folks at Illegal Art put these suggestion boxes all throughout the five boroughs of NYC just to see what would happen. What they got was a whole range of suggestions and advice, ranging from “Take a breath mint when offered” to “The U.S. should more account of human rights and less of property rights.”

That got me thinking (there I go again, working without the proper tools). I bet if I thought it through, I’d have some suggestions I could stuff in that thing. Here goes:

Stop throwing cigarette butts out the car window. The world isn’t your ash tray.

Call your mother.


People should be made of cookie dough so we can shape ourselves however we want (and make treats with the leftovers).

Remember plans when you make them.

We should provide wealthy suburban school environments for EVERY child, no questions asked.

Love is love. Leave people be, no matter who they choose to be with.

Ignore the spiders in the corner of the room. They’re better than the creepy crawlies you’d have otherwise.

People should listen to each other without waiting a turn to speak.

Bring back naptime.

Beaches should all be free and open.

When someone gives you a gift, accept it with both hands.

Listen to what kids say. They’re smart.

People need to notice the sky each and every day.

My children should do what I ask the first time.

Things aren’t really as big of a deal as you make them to be.

Love and live the same way you should laugh: openly, without reservation.


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One Response to “Suggestion box”

  1. Jules Says:

    I think everyone should eat just a little chocolate every day. Or maybe that’s just me.

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