Last night

I had the strangest dream. I had discovered an asylum for girls. Evidently, the doctor who ran the place convinced the parents that these girls were the reason their lives were in chaos and disarray. And what were these girls doing?

Speaking loudly at the dinner table.

Questioning why? Why? Why?

Not picking their toys up.

Using sleeves instead of napkins.

This asylum was meant to teach these girls that everything had to be in the proper order. They were taught to appreciate an immaculate, calm environment. They were taught that a life of order was the perfect life. That this was the way normal people lived their lives.

These girls really did seem to be happy and calm. They walked around with a peaceful demeanor. Mealtimes were quiet and orderly. And they all truly believed that when they grew up, this was how their houses would be too.

I kept wanting to shout, “No! You were duped! Normal is what you had in the first place!”

Life is disorder.

Life is chaos.

Life is messy.

And anything else would be just plain disappointing.


3 Responses to “Last night”

  1. Jules Says:

    If not disappointing then just odd. I wouldn’t know where I was.

  2. Yvonne Says:

    My daughter passed me a new-feminist book to read, Kiss My Tiara. How cool is that!
    Miss you.

    • Lainie Levin Says:

      Me too. That book sounds like a great one. I actually have a tiara, and I’m not afraid to use it.

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