Making the leap

OK. So here I am, officially in the blogosphere. What in the world am I doing here?

Granted, I love words. I love the way they look on the page. I love the way expertly crafted words roll off the tongue. Words bring me some of my most fulfilling moments, such as when I connect with my stoytelling audiences, or when I can guide students to new understanding. I love words. Almost too much.

Do you have any idea how long it takes for me to say what I want to say, with just the precise shade of meaning? I could easily spend hours typing a letter (or a blog entry). Which is why my perfectionist self hasn’t started a blog anytime before now. I won’t tell you how many cuts, pastes, and re-types I’ve had all the way up until now. But I’m going to have to let go. Just a little bit.

Dream with me: what would happen if I could type a paragraph without stopping? How on earth would that look? What a risk I would have to take.

So here it is, life in print with no do-overs. Words may come as they are. I invite them to come and play, and I would love for you to join us.

19 Responses to “Making the leap”

  1. Jules Says:

    Yeah! I’m excited to read along.

  2. Yvonne Healy Says:

    You are so brave.

  3. MOM Says:

    WOW! Am I proud of you – or what? I just can’t imagine where that perfectionism trait came from. Love Ya’

  4. Barbara Niemi Says:

    It will be nice to hear your voice on a regular basis- as I so clearly do when I read your words. I just throw in a “So-yeah” and a laugh here and there for effect!

    Love ya!

  5. Aaron Kelly Says:

    Yeah! Looking forward to your blatherations. When’re you coming back out to Boston?

  6. Pat Says:

    Yes! It looks like I can subscribe to this for my Google Reader! I’m sure I’ll be wanting more each time. Already I’m a fan.

  7. Karen Says:

    As always, it is great to hear your voice Lanie. Your spirit shines through loud and clear.

    I know what you mean about being a perfectionist. It sometimes takes me hours to write one blog post, which is why I haven’t had the time to post anything since the election. 🙂 I will try to be better and look to you for inspiration!

    I hope to see you at Northlands!
    sending hugs,

  8. Granny Sue Says:

    Congratulations, Lainie! Your first post and already you have people reading and commenting. It’s a good start. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  9. Sue Says:

    You go, girl!!! Adding you to my favorites and will keep checking back.

  10. Karen W Says:

    From one perfectionist to another: I envy you. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

  11. Carolyn Stearns Says:

    Way to go!!!! I started one on Google yesterday. Must be this end to winter getting us to do these indoor things. Well it was a good way to deal with the frustrations over the mud… I hate mud season! I have a few blogs on the professional storyteller ning site and think I will write them in word and cut and paste for continuity site to site. I also decided to print each one and put them in a notebook to give the grandbaby that is due in a couple weeks. She will one day have her very own glimpse into life on the farm and as a storyteller and know me even though we are far apart.

  12. Ellouise Schoettler Says:

    Welcome aboard. I too love seeing words on the page and have found blogging a wonderful pace to play with that. Look forward to following your raves and rants.

  13. Ellouise Schoettler Says:

    Welcome to blogging. I also love seeing my words on the age and blogging
    is great for that. Look forward to following your reflections, raves and rants.

  14. Tim Sheppard Says:

    Well done for taking the leap Lainie. The antidote to perfectionism is improvisation – taking that leap continually and spontaneously.

    I recommend learning some impro principles, and letting go of the self-consciousness of reviewing what you do before it’s over. Draft quickly, review later if at all. Separate the creative flow from the critical analysis – they are incompatible functions of the brain and can’t happen simultaneously.

    If you want to see how this works for writing, try Roberta Allen’s Fast Fiction: Creating Fiction in Five Minutes.

  15. jbrowley Says:

    Hi Lainie, We might ‘bump’ into each other as I am also on wordpress ( as well as STORYTELL!
    Like you, I too love words; check out the wonderful word ‘hyperosmia’ (February 25 post). Anyway I hope you have lots of fun with your blogging.

  16. Mabel K (Australia) Says:

    Hi Lainie!
    Like you I’ve just entered blogosphere. Hope you have as much fun as I’m having.

  17. Dana Says:

    I am so proud of you, Lainie.. You are amazing and great at sharing your words and thoughts. I love hearing and reading them.

    Lov ya, Dana

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